Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some dark works

This vessel is hair cut from my head and saved over the years. Human hair has a wonderful quality, it remains lively forever. To make this shape I started with a small bundle and kept stitching and devloping witha strong cotton thread. It is a circular shape but not coiled as such. More cobbled together. i left a tuft free on the interior to give the form a breathing hole.Its titled Dark Vessel.

Here is a book made from a salvaged grey blanket. there are 16 leaves, giving 32 surfaces and the spine is strong blanket stitching. On alternate pages rpws of xanthorrhoea bracts are stitched, then on the reverse the rows of stitching appears as lines of writing. On the further alternate pages there are objects, hair, cloth,small stones, hand twined string and a dolls dress.
The book is titled Double dialogue, its a series of short stories contained with an overall story.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in the beggining

This site is to share ideas about the artworks I have made over the past years.
Readers are welcome to contribute for discussion their interpretations of these textile and fibre objects.
As most of the materials are un-new I will always describe their history as an aid to understanding the way they have been represented.
'siphon' shown here is stitched from fodder, that is meadow hay and has strips of red blanket spiralling up the interior.
This and the grass skull are my introduction to this collection of works. The skull stitched in a feral way and hollow is as a bone skull. A container, whereas the siphon is as funnel through which life pours.